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Last week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Brooklyn-based designer and artist, Mary Meyer. During the early morning conversation about her line of fabulous clothes, volunteer work and art shows (see next months issue of The Come Up), we got into a conversation about music. She turned us onto this band, DEATH who's limited catalogue of seven tracks was just re-pressed into the LP, For the World to See (Drag City Records). DEATH, reigning from Detroit, formed in 1971 when brothers Bobby and David Hackney were enthralled by an Alice Cooper performance. The band recorded a hand full of tracks with Jim Vitty at United Sound Studios, but the deal was dropped when they refused to change the bands name to a more tolerable title. Regardless of this set back, DEATH self-released 500 copies of the "Politicians in My Eyes/Keep on Knocking" 7 inch on their own label, Tyrangle, which is now a record collectable. DEATH was making punk before punk even knew what it was. Listen to the album here. Thanks Mary and enjoy.

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