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Deer--they offer us more than spray made from their antlers

Have you heard about deer antler spray? It's a product you spritz underneath your tongue to help build muscle and cut fat. It's also as weird as it sounds. It's literally made from the velvet that grows on young deer antlers. Until recently, the spray was endorsed by professional athletes as an alternative to steroids.

Football players, baseball players, even golfers where lapping it up. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for deer, the World Doping Agency discovered an ingredient on their hit list, methyltestosterone, in the spray.

Don't worry, athletes. There are other ways to enjoy deer antlers that won't get you kicked out of your sporting organization! There are rings and scarves and shirts and lipsticks!

Check out all the things we're fawning over, starting with that deer-printed chiffon top by Emma Cook available at Opening Ceremony.

Click here to see more deer delights !

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