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Diane Keaton talks it out in her new memoir, we honor some of her best dressed moments

Diane Keaton’s new memoir is titled Then Again, and almost sounds like an utterance of self-doubt--not a trait you would automatically attribute to an icon like Diane Keaton. But within her memoir, Keaton discusses a struggle with bulimia, examines excerpts from her teenage diary, and follows her own self-correcting up-down-and-up-again intonations. You can imagine it wasn't easy, continuing on after the iconic Annie Hall so early in life, and she's not afraid to discuss her vulnerabilities around it. All while missing Woody Allen to this day.

Throughout the eras Diane Keaton has also provided a convincing argument for the dichotomy of fashion and style. Her signature look of baggy cuffed chinos, an undone shirt, under a chunky tweed blazer, paired with a necktie and some other eccentric detail of a bowler hat or tiny eyeglasses all became immortalized in Annie Hall and Manhattan. Diane styled herself in both these films, so credit her with spearheading our present day love-on for menswear and the “boyfriend” fit. Her stunning style culminated with her girlish smile (even at 65) and permeating melancholy eyes, and her soft manner still captures our attention to this day.

To honor Diane Keaton and celebrate her new memoir we put together a collection of images from her best dressed moments--we're assuming no third party stylists involved. So indulge in the slideshow of Diane’s best-dressed moments below. And then crack that memoir Then Again open, and love her even more.

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