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Maia Wojcik, NYC-based DJ, Brand and Fashion/Design Talent Scout, takes us to Copenhagen Fashion Week in a three part diary.

By yours truly, forever and always: Maia Wojcik

Copenhagen! The city was named after a man called Hagen, who was always struggling to cope with life’s hardships. Hah! Just kidding, there are no hardships in Copenhagen. Rather, Copenhagen is a land of tall, blonde, beautiful people who ride bikes, eat delicious hot dogs, like to party and make exquisite chairs. And as if that wasn’t enough, they are the creators of some really killer clothing brands.

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I arrived to Copenhagen around 11:30pm, after a whirlwind tour through Paris and London. Needless to say, I was exhausted, but instantly revived upon seeing CPH airport. Luckily, one’s first taste of Danish design and architecture can cure utter exhaustion.

The next morning, I practically rocketed out of bed--I couldn’t wait to get out and explore the city. I was staying at the Skt. Petri Hotel on Krystalgade, just two blocks from some great stores including Nue, Time’s Up Vintage, and best of all, Henrik Vibskov. Obviously, within an hour of being awake, I’d purchased a new HV fall collection dress. You like?

It was a gorgeous day, and I spent the next few hours exploring the streets, soon finding myself in very picturesque Amagertorv Square.

It was here in this very square that I had my first Danish hotdog, a Ristet (fried) hotdog. There are stands like this everywhere, and let me tell you, it is street meat at it’s very finest.

I don’t know what those things are, but “Tak” means thank you. Also, everyone in Copenhagen looks like that i.e. Hot.

Around 3pm, I went to hit up my first show, Trash Couture. I didn’t know what to expect clothing-wise, but soon realized I didn’t really care, because there were multiple surprise dance performances on the runway throughout the show!

There were also some great outfits in the crowd. A couple of gents in one-piece suits, high tops, and a monocle bag. And I really liked this girl’s look: striped pants, leopard print heels, and a really basic top in order to offset the homeless/schizophrenic look that can easily happen when pairing stripes with animal prints.

After the show, I took a quick detour to check out Christiania, an independent commune that is not governed as part of the EU. Forget fashion week parties… now that place is a scene. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pics inside, so you will have to settle for the gate.

In the early evening, I stopped by the opening party for the new Wood Wood store location at Grønnegade 1. Wood Wood is one of my favorite newer brands, and as the design office is based in Copenhagen, the event was quite the cool-kid mob scene.

Inside the store, they were serving this really great beer called, wait for it, Copenhagen! Well, Carlsberg Copenhagen. It’s the best beer packaging ever, standard Danish “minimal-chic” design, but from the Danes, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

In Copenhagen, 9 in every 10 adults owns a bike. I can’t even describe how many bikes there are. There are swarms. I’ll tell you this: girls leaving fashion shows in NY don’t walk out of the tents in their 5-in platforms and high-wasted long skirts, and hop on a bike. In Copenhagen, they do just that, and they look amazing. Needless to say I was jealous.

Granted it was in a shop window, but this bike was my personal favorite.

Din that night was at Paté Paté, located in the Kødbyen, or “meat city” of Copenhagen, a region similar to what NYC’s Meatpacking district was about fifteen years ago, when it was still cool and edgy. Regardless, the restaurant has a great vibe, great food, great people watching. And by great people watching, I mean literally everyone inside was gorgeous. What more is there to ask for?

More from Diary: Copenhagen Fashion Week coming soon!

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