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A Dimepiece woman is someone that feels comfortable in her own skin, and wears whatever she wants! "You can tell when a woman is unafraid and being herself," Ashley one of designers behind the LA based label says. "That's a dimepiece." So in 2007, Ashley Jones and Laura Fama, started Dimepiece--flipping the term from male ideals to mean something empowering for woman "She's basically your around the way feminist." Each new cheeky season has ladies getting their hands all over the clothes (sometimes literally), and the ladies have Chloe Sevigny and Cassie listed as fans. (Both considered Dimpieces by the way!)

Before we team up with Dimepiece for a Midsummer Night sale at Space 15 Twenty, we caught up with Ashley and Laura to ask them about their feisty attitudes, their favorite pop artists and what they have coming up. More details and the interview below!

This Thursday July 15 at Space 15 Twenty in LA, we're going Midsummer Night Sample Sale shopping with the Dimepiece girls and DNA (designers + artists), Hellz Bellz, Lovemade, Wildfox Couture and more. Music by DJ Lady Sha. 7-10pm. See flyer details below.

Give us a story that represents your feistiness as designers.

I think releasing the 'Hold Me Tight' dress was feisty. We've received so many comments on that dress and how crazy and vulgar it may look.

Each season is expressed through modern pop art-themed prints, who are some of your favorite pop artists?

Andy Warhol is a big one, we actually really enjoy Barbara Kruger and Jean Michel Basquiat who aren't pop artists but excellent as well.

How does LA influence your collections?

LA has it's contradictions, and that's our palette. It can be beautiful and it can be vapid and foul. We take a little bit of everything and use it as a source for inspiration. We have loud pieces that definitely say L.A.

If you had to pick one, what song best represents Dimepiece?

No, not just one! That's a hard one, we both love music. We have an upcoming mixtape that will definitely be insightful.

What do you have coming up?

Right now we're working to produce our fall season with styles we've never touched and iconic prints. You have more mesh, some color, some drapery, and collars. It's used in a way you can't imagine -- don't think about it, just be surprised!

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  1. Teri says:

    I never knew about this brand but I really like their answers. I wish I lived in LA so I could come to the event. :(

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