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In the spring of 2007,  DimePiece put the phrase "Ain't No Wifey" on a tank top and it sold like crazy. Playing on the term "wife beater," (but it could have easily been a response to Next's "Wifey") the shirt represents the brand's blend of laidback humour and feminism. For their Spring 2010 collection, designers Ashley Jones and Laura Fama launched a new website--the lookbook waves goodbye on the last frame and when you enter the online store, barking dogs startle you into watching a sultry fashion film. This season, DimePiece loads up on cute crop tops and gets handsy with their "Hold Me Tight" dress. From the rainbow "Sex Machine" shirts inspired by Grace Jones to the "Alexander Tribute" shirt that reads, "Fashion is Suicide," this LA label keeps things feisty.

Check out the whole DimePiece Spring 2010 collection here.

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