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Dirty Projectors take over another type of screen

Dirty Projectors are going to be in a movie. A David Longstreth movie called Hi Custodian. The title, which is a lyric fragment from their song “Unto Ceasar,” gives us just as much insight into what the film is going to be about as the trailer does--nada. From watching the trailer, you could maybe guess someone is “about to die” as they keep repeating that over and over again, but luckily Pitchfork, who executive produced the film, clears it up for us. “Amber plays a lost and lonely searcher," Pitchfork says. "David plays a yōkai, a shapeshifting undead spirit from Japanese folklore. Nat plays a truck driver as well as a newborn child. Amber and Haley also feature as girls from the British Midlands, as well as sister Fates in an unindividuated dyad.” Um, roger that?

The overlying theme of “spiritual death and rebirth” does sound interesting and considering the score is made up of alternate and previously unheard Dirty Projectors song from the Swing Lo Magellan album sessions, at the very least Hi Custodian will be beautiful to listen to.

Hi Custodian will be released sometime this summer and Swing Lo Magellan on July 10.

Watch the trailer for David Longstreth’s Hi Custodian featuring Dirty Projectors below.

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