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DJ Excel has been in the game for over 20 years (no big deal) and is a member of Philly's famed DJ collective, Skratch Makanics Crew.  He's played for the likes of Usher, Mick Jagger, Jay Z, Mary J Blige, but tonight he'll be playing for us (and you when you join us!).  DJ Excel promises, "Himself & Mike B, Shirts Off, Apollo Creed Boxing shorts, sparklers, water  guns, slip & slides & some of the best selection of music tossed together since Lollapalooza 94." Those are some pretty big promises but we somehow think this Philly native, now taking over L.A., will have no trouble living up to them.

Most ridiculous request you've gotten while DJing?

They're all pretty ridiculous. 95% of the time people ask for something they know you're going to play or something they know you don't have. Then there's the rare occasion when a cute girl asks to hear A Tribe Called  Quest.

Best dance move during your set?

Hmm, I have so many. It really depends on the circumstances and how I wanna break you down. Either "Opening The Sky" or my "Break For Love" are the two most popular. If all else fails, I break into 80's Hip Hop Dance Steps for good measure.

Most embarrassing moment you've witnessed DJing?

Late 99/2000, I was booked to play at this super hood spot in North Philly.  I think it was called "The Black House." Deep in the hood at like 26th & Girard. My set was at 3 am, it was on a grimy little street. It "used" to be a house, but now it was a club or a speakeasy. Either way, we get in there, it's insanely packed and I'm the only white dude, as usual. Everyone was  expecting me. We push our way to the DJ booth and I set up to get on. Of course the equipment was the worst! I put on my first record and it just won't play  past the first 20 seconds, it keeps skipping back to the beginning. The tonearm on the turntable was messed up. The people don't know that, nor do they want hear that, so it starts to get restless as they try to fix the turntables. I'm getting frustrated and start yelling since I already tried to fix it, but it's that type of equipment that only the person who owns it knows how to fix it. My homie is like "Yo, be cool, we don't wanna get into it in here." So I fall back. They eventually fix it and I play but the moment was gone and I was really embarrassed because the people thought it was me, not the turntables. Needless to say, we left and agreed to never play any gigs like that again.

If _____ started DJing you'd quit?

Man every name I could throw in that blank already is DJing and making more  money then me.

Biggest "no no" song for a DJ to play?

For me, I try to stay away from AV8 breaks. (All the Fatman Scoop records). They became too much of a crutch for some people and I have too much good music that I can work around it. I still play them, but not very often. Other then that, usually anything Kenza says she likes I know is a no no.

Bardot Hollywood
1732 Vine St, Hollywood, CA
9pm – late

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