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Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana understand women. It’s not only our bodies and stylistic preferences that this design team so deftly recognizes, but our need to express different facets of our personalities through choice. While some men might classify the varying elements of our personalities as mood swings (You don't know me!), this duo knows better and are offering a set of five fragrances.

The scents are inspired and named after French tarot cards: Le Bateleur (the Juggler), La Lune (the Moon), La Roue de Fortune (the Wheel of Fortune), L’Imperatrice (the Empress), and L’Amoureux (the Lovers). With notes ranging from floral to spicy, these perfumes are sure to allow us to morph from our daily selves to prim and proper or even slutty sultry with just a single spritz.

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