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One dollar per a story. One story per a book.

The idea behind Dollar Stories is sort of a backwards interpretation of 99 cent purchases on iTunes. Moving away from digital to tangible, stories are printed monthly on bright colored pocket sized paper and sold for a dollar.

"My co-founder Peter Cavanaugh and I have been printing things together since high school," Galen DeKempner of Tulip says. "We met while running on rival cross country teams." Officially forming Tulip while in college, the pair ensure each author receives a fair portion of the sales. 34 cents of each story sale goes to the author. The other 66 cents is split between printing and vending costs.

Dollar Stories are sold in small shops around America and online. Some of the locations include custom painted stands like in American Two Shot and Labor Skateshop in New York. Galen also sells copies by hand.

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    can anyone sign up to sell their story?

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