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Dominique Young Unique releases her first video off her mixtape Glamorous Touch

Dominique Young Unique wants you to follow the leader. The 19-year old Tampa Bay rapper, releases a video for her track 'Follow the Leader' off her mixtape, Glamorous Touch. Shot and edited by Johannes Schaff, the video features Dominique joined by her sister Jasmine, baby niece Alexis and friends, in a black and white world of Disney-ish creations (at times, it almost feels like a Kaws video). Press play above to check it out.

Within a year of releasing her first mixtape, Domination, Dominique has gone on to perform alongsideĀ  N.E.R.D., Die Antwoord and Gucci Mane, open for Big Boy and Girl Talk, and this summer she will be touring Europe, including stops at Glastonbury and Sonar. Well on her way, 'Can you catch up with the leader?' may be more appropriate.

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  1. dana says:

    word she’s a bad bitch

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