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The long-awaited DOOM x Ghostface Killah collaboration arrived in a crate.

In June, Akomplice Clothing featured an exclusive and mysterious one-day sale of a DOOM crate--matching engraved crowbar included. The contents of the $49 box were not revealed until the owner pried it open. A month later, someone cranked it open and revealed that along with the expected DOOM-related merch, the crate contains a cassette.

The cassette, from music label Nature Sounds, is a remixed single, titled "Victory Laps", suggesting that the long rumoured collaboration between DOOM and Ghostface Killah will be a reality. The teamed up duo are calling themselves DOOM/STARKS and the single was remixed by former DOOM collaborator, Madvillian.

A DOOM x Ghostface project has been hyped up about since 2006 when DOOM did production work on Ghostface's album Fishscale, and Ghostface's appearance on DOOM's 2009 album Born Like This continued to feed the fire. The two MCs are arguably the best lyricists in the game and their dark, sample-heavy production styles have begged comparison for years. No wonder fans are so excited.

At essentially $49 a pop, could this be the most expensive cassette ever? Imagine your disappointment if you discovered the tape only to realize that you had nothing to play it on. Luckily for the recipient in the video below, he had one ready to go. Watch the video he filmed to hear the brand new track and see what else was in the crate.

You can also listen to the track recorded off the radio by here.

Nature Sounds tweeted that the unremixed version of "Victory Laps" will be available on iTunes on July 26th and there's also a 12" picture disc available for pre-order at their online store. Looks like these boys are going to tease it out, one song at a time.

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