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Photographer Lynnette Astaire is guest blogging for hearty as she travels the globe

By: Lynnette Astaire

Mexico is a country with a diverse architecture scene. A short walk through Mexico City will take you from classic Spanish colonial to the over the top Baroque, the rugged Hacienda style to the clean modernist look that trends today.

Property here is usually protected fortress style by heavy gates and doors. No front lawn? No problem. Here the door is the ultimate place of creativity. Wood, glass and metal are made into walls of self-expression and can often reveal what or who lies behind the barrier.

From the first day I arrived in Mexico I knew I had an obsession, so I began a #doorgame hashtag on my Instagram page. Follow me, lynnetteastaire on Instagram for even more doors and more travels.

Here are a few of my favorite #doorgame doors below.

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