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Remee's Lucid Dreaming Mask promises to literally make your wildest dreams come true

Want to get in on all that crazy shit you saw in Waking Life and The Science of Sleep? This sleep mask is the answer. It's a project from Bitbanger Labs, funded through Kickstarter, that will help you lucid dream by "providing external input into your dreams."

To put it simply, the programmable mask flashes red LED lights into your eyes during REM sleep which you're supposed to see in your dreams and will make you go, "Hey! I'm dreaming!" and then you control your dream. Have you ever had a lucid dream? It's crazy. If this sleeping mask does what it's suppose to do, the possibilities are endless.

Check out Remee's video about their Lucid Dreaming Mask below. This one guy they interview is oddly specific about a fantasy with Sophia Loren and a lake.

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