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Dzine make your pink heart and polka dot stick-ons seem pretty tame

Dzine's book, Nailed will have you thinking twice about the $20 manicure you got at that hole in the wall up the street. Featuring well-known contributors, commissioned photography, and Dzine's own work, this art book takes a look at nail art through history and its cultural importance today. Inspired by his childhood, Dzine created work that mirrored (and we're sure took to the next level) his mother's work in her salon in their family home.

Nail art may seem like a new movement with its Hello Kitty stick-ons and lightning bolt adornments, but it has a rich history that begins in the Ming Dynasty and Ancient Egypt. Nailed celebrates the art of body decoration with florals, jewels, feathers, color and paint and makes these hands look like beautiful weapons. The 192 page hardcover book is available at

Get a sneak peek of Dzine's Nailed below.

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