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The future keeps arriving, the latest way with an app that you can make your own iPad music with

When do iPads, iPods, and all the other Apple creations stop improving? Not anytime soon, apparently. The latest invention for the iPad is Ecclesia, an interactive, visual iPad app. Swedish-born electronic musician Eric Wahlforss (who also happens to be the CTO for Soundcloud) has launched the app, which lets the user manipulate the sounds coming from the iPad by touching visuals playing on the screen. The audio fragments provided are church recordings, sampled, fragmented and edited to create more opportunity for newer sounds. According to Wahlforss, "Each shape, colour and illustration has a musical counterpart -- and vice versa. You need to watch and listen carefully to uncover those relationships."

Those of us who don't have iPads won't get to experience this audio-visual experiment--not just yet, anyways. As if we needed another reason to want an iPad.

See how the Ecclesia App works above.

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