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New York based designer Alexa Galler, loves T-shirts, but was bored of wearing plain ones. So the Parsons graduate launched, Eighteenth, a T-shirt line that explores the design possibilities of the beloved tee. Combining  a minimalist sensibility with unique detailing, she debuted her first collection this spring, and just launched A/W '10. "For Fall, I was interested in exploring the idea of hemlines," Alexa says. "I've designed a collection of tees with Eighteenth's trademark basic look and feel, but infused angled hems of varying lengths in the pieces."

We caught up with Alexa to talk tees, how she got her line into shops like OAK and where the collection is going. Read the interview and see some of our favorites from Eighteenth's A/W '10 collection below.

Why did you start Eighteenth?

I love wearing T-shirts but got bored of the basics. I wanted something as easy and comfortable to wear but more interesting. Viola, Eighteenth.

With such a simple starting point (a T-shirt) how will you continue to come out with new creative collections?

There is so much that can be done with the tee. I don’t think I’ll ever run of ideas on how to redesign it.

Will Eighteenth ever expand to incorporate anything else but T-shirts?

I'd love to work on expanding the collection in the future, but currently my goal is to keep it simple. However, I do have some innovative ideas for blazers that I'd like to explore sooner rather than later.

You're in some great stores like OAK in New York, how did those opportunities come about?

Good old fashion phone calling, emailing, sending out look books and showing samples.

Where's your heart at?

At the moment, caffeine.

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  1. Mish Mish says:

    Tell her to send me that black one – amazing.

  2. LE says:

    I like that first one in black as well. (I follow her on twitter and I think you misspelled her name in the first sentence.)

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