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Those New York Fashion week EMU postcards have made it all the way to beaches of Australia

Well they made it. And by the looks of it you're going to want to wish you went too. During New York Fashion Week, in between shows attendees wrote little notes on postcards to send to the beaches of Australia (Wish you were here!) from the EMU lounge at Elle 360 Style. Once they arrived, EMU Australia took a special trip down the coast delivering the well wishes. Hitting prime places along The Great Ocean Road, an amazing coastline of pristine beaches and boasts some of the best swell in the world (also where the sheepskin boot phenomenon first began), everyone seemed to be quite happy to receive the messages (NY hearts you Australia) but I mean with that weather and reading the postcards in between riding waves and hanging in the sand, how could you not be in a good mood.

See all the places the postcards went "down under" and everyone's reactions (we're especially fond of the puppy's) below.

Photography by: Jarrah Lynch, Claire Hosking & Taryn Elder
Locations: Great Ocean Road, Aireys Inlet, Fairhaven

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