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Model-turned-designer, Erin Wasson recently ended her collaborative relationship with Costa Mesa, California-based surf and skate brand RVCA. (A bit surprising seeing as we just saw pretty images from the Fall '10 lookbook.) According to Fashionista, Wasson's first few collections were well received, but her Fall 2010 runway show gained the opposite response. However, some inside sources at RVCA (and who doesn't love "inside sources"?) say the company dropped Wasson because her team was too hard to work with. “Total chaos and the epitome of unorganized,” according to one person Fashionista spoke with. Even though we loved the clothes, we can't say we are surprised considering Wasson once stated on Nylon TV that, "People with the best style are the ones who are the poorest. When I go down to Venice Beach and I see the homeless I'm like, 'Oh my god, they are pulling out, like, crazy looks! They pulled shit out of, like, garbage cans!" If that sentence wasn't total f--king chaos, we don't know what is.

It appears that RVCA (which was bought out by Billabong two weeks ago) will be focusing their upcoming collaborations with Rumi Neely or the "poor man's Erin Wasson." Wonder how Neely feels about how bitching bums look when they are pan handling to save their lives?

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