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Do you want to buy these shades again?

Nail polish know-it-alls Essie are launching a "best of" collection. Would they be re-issuing Splash of Grenadine, the juicy purple-pink from Resort 2010 or Bright Tights, the incomparable fluorescent orange from Fall 2009? Could we finally snag a bottle of  Navigate Her!, the subtle lime sorbet from the Wallstreet-themed Spring 2012 collection that eluded us? Would we at long last get our paws on the much-coveted Going Incognito, the deep emerald green creme from Winter 2010 that no other brand has come close to duplicating?

Turns out, the name "best of" may be a bit misleading, as most of the 6 re-issued shades are from the last few collections alone, hardly satisfying our thirst for the one that got away.

Savvy consumers that we are, we're realizing that the best of collection is surely not the cult faves that obsessors have been begging the brand to re-issue, nor are they necessarily the most unique shades the brand ever launched in its seasonal collections. We have a hunch these were recent top sellers that the brand is hoping to cash in on again. The bottom line, which is pretty much the only line that matters in the beauty biz, is - do we care? Decide for yourself if you want a second chance to snatch up Boxer Short, Cascade Cool, Go Ginza, Mojito Madness, Topless and Barefoot, or Where's My Chauffeur?

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