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Mushrooms on the moon? Faces made out of hair? Makes perfect sense.

Evan Sabourin and Alex Stursberg have just released a new zine called Heads or Bodies/Bodies or Heads. The book is a collaborative effort that presents each artist’s collages in a split format–each has his own cover and half of the book. Meeting at the middle, where a joint collage brings both collections together.  “Reminiscent of a French/English Dictionary or a split 7² record,” Stursberg explains.

With a general theme based around a photograph of an old man, the two spent the last year putting together “Heads or Bodies” (Alex’s half of the book) ”Bodies or Heads” (Evan’s half). Using images of frightened mushrooms on the moon, children playing with snakes in the desert and different cuts of meat floating around in the galaxies, Stursberg’s pieces are surreal landscapes that call you to not just look, but stare. In sharp contrast, Sabourin uses found objects like keys, fingernails, gold foil and hair, mixed with cut-outs of body parts and ripped bits of old wallpaper, using these images and overlaying them on simple, dirty backgrounds.

Heads or Bodies/Bodies or Heads is a limited edition of only 100 copies and is available online here.

See more from Evan Sabourin and Alex Stursberg’s Heads or Bodies/Bodies or Heads below.

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