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Gone are the days of the pull over T-shirt. You can now use an aerosol can to apply perfectly skin tight clothing on in a matter of minutes (15 to be exact). Think of the possibilities! Jeans that are molded perfectly to the unique shape of both your butt cheeks! Gloves that don't hide your perfectly filed nails! Socks that will accentuate all ankle shapes and sizes! Right...

A team of scientists and fashion designers have come up with this new product known as Fabrican. The technology sprays unwoven fibers that dry together instantly upon contact with the skin. You can peel the clothing off and apparently it holds its shape and structure, ready for another day of wear. It sounds a bit like an ambitious outdated 90's prediction of "fashion for the future" and while spending anywhere above 7 seconds to put on a t-shirt sounds really annoying, it's pretty exciting to think about the cool textile art and design that could evolve from this weird invention. Here's hoping.

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  1. Youness says:

    That is crazy!
    They better make designs for these tees and coloured fiber sprays :P

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