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Dirty Facebook messages might not be such a good idea anymore

News broke a few hours ago that Facebook has experienced a glitch that is causing private inbox messages to be visible on people's walls. Select private messages from 2007-2011 are mixed in with public wall posts as a part of the timeline display Facebook reverted to just over a year ago. The messages can be accessed by clicking on the years at the righthand side of the timeline, ie. 2009, 2010. Facebook has released a statement saying that people are mistaken and there is no possible way a hacker could make private messages public.

Unfortunately for Facebook, the hearty girls did some personal snooping and found some pseudo-incriminating, mostly embarrassing private messages from our own friends a few years back. Looks like Mark Zuckerburg might have to go back to computer programming class and get his shit together. Apart from the potential for evidence of cheating scandals, shit talking, and drug use being exposed, personal information like phone numbers and addresses is entirely unprotected. Quick, check out what your boyfriend was doing in 2009 before Facebook figures it out and deletes what is easily looking like their biggest breach of privacy ever.

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