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Thank goodness virtual girlfriends are now for hire to keep lonely Facebook walls warm at night. The rampant rise of unintentional fake girlfriends (read Catfish, Manti Te’o scandal, etc.) has brought to light the very real (ok, kind of), very niche girlfriend-for-hire sites that have popped up in increasingly less sketchy formats across the web.

Depending on cash flow, the faux amour will put together a heartfelt wall post or texts and so on and so forth. One site allows you to pay per task, i.e. $5 for texts, personalized video, fake breakups and even dating advice to snag an in the flesh, actual human being.

More into handholding than glittery heart gifs? Some escort services even offer the full Girlfriend Experience (GFE) according to the New York Observer.

Check out the armory of fake girlfriend websites below.

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