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Aussie fashion designer, Rosemary Masic, who runs the womenswear line, Nevanka recently attended a fashion show for Melbourne's new plus size label, M Line. While at the plus size show, she let the anti-plus size comments fly, saying she personally refuses to employee models who are a size 14 (size 8 in US sizing) because it sends an "unhealthy" message.

"I don't want to endorse unhealthy living,'' Masic said.  ''I am very passionate about life and serious about health. It is the most important thing we have and we should respect and look after our bodies …Size 16 and size 18 is not a healthy size to be.''

Too bad the average Australian women is, in fact, a size 14. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, body image and health experts say that "restricting clothing sizes would not encourage women to lose weight" and could have a reverse, worse affect.

So what if plus-size models end up on the runway of high fashion? Biggest fear of fatist/elitists designers? Change. Get over it guys, Armageddon is not going to be wasted on this nonsense.

Via Sydney Morning Herald

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