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A collaboration from Fashionary and Sibling for all you knitting nerds

Fashionary is a garbled medley of the words fashion, diary, and dictionary--it’s the name for the little black (or red) notebook every fashion designers needs/wants, that’s stacked with design crib notes and sketching templates. In other words, it’s the handiest little thing ever.

The Fashionary bookmakers just came out with a collaboration with the knitwear boys at Sibling London: a limited edition box set with a trio of tools. Sibling’s signature leopard knit reincarnates as an iPad case (yes, it’s knitted) and then as a Fashionary book, with an exclusive little black knitting booklet, filled with Sibling’s must-know tips, like the dyeing properties, loops, stitches and fibre details.

If you are short an iPad, you just make it a purse and voilà.

You can shop for Fashionary x Sibling here. It's the best-looking tool kit you'll own.

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