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Federico Saenzrecio teaches us that sometimes inexperienced chaos is a beautiful thing

Born in Argentina in 1976, Federico Saenzrecio trained as a graphic designer in Buenos Aires. In 2003, he emigrated to the U.S. and now lives and works in Brooklyn. Just over a year ago, he decided to try his hand at painting.  Now, his first series is getting attention on art blogs from all over the world.

Using acrylic paint, graphite, pastel and spray paint, Saenzrecio creates abstract paintings, with his latest works entitled, simply, “Painting#01” through “Painting#06.” According to his website, the paintings “incorporate instinctive childlike doodles, and simple yet complex configurations.” Using hot pinks, creams and whites, Saenzrecio contrasts these delicate feminine colors with harsh greys and blacks. The effect is an almost schizophrenic image of chaotic beauty.

See more of Federico Saenzrecio’s abstract paintings below.

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