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Ukrainian feminist protest group, FEMEN are at it again. FEMEN was founded in 2008 but gained international fame when the FEMENistas protested against "sex tourists, sexism and other social ills" while topless. Today, three FEMENistas were arrested for a topless protest they conducted last week. The girls held signs in both Ukrainian and English about female strength while marching down a busy highway. During the original arrest, ten police officers took down the bare-breasted women and threw them in front of a court. The girls were eventually released. Post-jail, they issued a video promise to the police detective saying that they will "stalk him right back and practice their legal right to protest everywhere he goes." Although they have a reputation of being tasteless--Gee, could this have anything to do with the topless thing? And if so, that is blatant sexism so we say fight on--FEMENistas are not afraid of anything, including jail, authority of losing a boob in battle. Tops off, girls on!

Via: Animal New York

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2 Responses to “FEMEN FIGHTS”

  1. Maxwelldog says:

    FEMEN are the HEROES of the Ukrain, as far as I’m concerned. That they have a tactic of publicity such as they use (and they ARE beautiful women) is not even a part of their relevancy.
    And it is a positive message.
    And hopefully when the “boys” stop ogling their breasts, that message will be heard. I can say with a certain amount of accuracy that fewer people will be able to say they hadn’t heard about the events FEMEN is pointing out.

  2. the Boy ogler says:

    It’s a clever tactic to gain attention, so much so it’s gained global attention. Sure, I’m all for the Ukrain women to have equal rights (and all women) but I’m still going to ogle!

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