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We'd like to introduce you to a very poignant video clip from the 1960's starring Donna Theodore, called "Feminity." What do you think about your feminity?

Happy Friday everyone.

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One Response to “FEMININITY”

  1. katrina says:

    While I am of the school of women who hear a chorus of slamming doors at the mere thought of getting married, this does not mean I am not seeking shared time with phenomenal humans. Nor that because I am not out to bag a husband I do not wish to share my “femininity.”

    I have realized this past year that I actually feel like not looking my best because even at my worst the trolls of the city won’t shut up. I just started yelling at some men on the train for staring at me. I know it is less my femininity and more their audacity. I don’t even want them to be allowed to stare! I feel bitter.

    In short: You cannot even try to hide your femininity without fielding the audacity of men.

    (I love that part when Donna sings about staring at the ceiling from the tiger skin. This all gets so damn boring!)

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