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Street photography, before blogs existed

While Scott Schuman and Bill Cunningham have been dominating the street photography scene for the last little while, Vivian Maier is now gaining her rightful place as one of the top dogs. Taking candid snapshots around New York and Chicago for over forty years, Maier managed to amass thousands of rolls of film throughout her life. But get this, never showed anyone.

After her death, John Maloof, a young real estate agent, randomly bought Maier’s collection of boxes stuffed with endless amounts of prints and negatives at an auction. Maloof ended up hitting a photo goldmine, and is now uncovering Maier’s amazing talent and her many secrets in Finding Vivian Maier, a documentary.

See some of our favorite street photography shots by Vivian Maier below, along with the trailer for Maloof's documentary Finding Vivian Maier.

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