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For those of you who like to wear jewelry that doubles as a weapon, Gerard Tully--with his gilded animal rings so tremendous they could knockout a linebacker a-la "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" and matching necklaces--has answered all your prayers. The rings are all predators (lion, buzzard, and even a bunny) that correspond to the bauble of prey that comes on a long chain to wear around your neck (rib, egg, and carrot, respectively). All pieces are 18-carrot gold plated atop sterling silver, with black diamonds set as the eyes, so whether you're feeling like hunter or the hunted, you can do so in luxe. With places from Japan to Berlin to Texas toting his goods, it makes it hard to say no to just one. Another interesting tidbit? The designer uses Gerard Tully as his alias. His real name is Ryan Kearney.

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