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Play with your food!

For all of you that as children got into trouble for playing with your food instead of eating it, you now have justification. Food art is becoming more popular and we're into it (maybe because we can't stop thinking about eating all the time). From crocheted meats to food as fashion, these three female foodie designers have used their groceries as mediums and muses to create delectable feasts for the eyes. Bon App├ętit!

See more food art below.

Meat Products Even Vegetarians Can Enjoy

London-based artist, Clemence Joly based her final degree project on crocheted french meats. The Wool Butchery is comprised of life sized steak, roasts, sausage, and pig's head--all with infinite shelf life. Incredibly satisfying wool work and perfect color selection makes for a friendly carnivorous series.

You can purchase or commission these from the artist herself on her website. She also does sandwiches and meat substitutes.

Sarah Illenberger Prints

Artist Sarah Illenberger's new series of photo prints feature food cleverly placed as objects. But her foodie work doesn't stop there, her mind seems to be an endlessly spinning cogwheel of whimsical food scenarios. Check out her McForest, or Food With Childhood series. Oh, and her incredible Meat Faces!

Wearable Food

Hong Kong-based Sung Yeonju, uses food as a decomposing fabric for her womenswear designs. A wedding dress made out of bread, a corset made out of cabbage, and a halter dress made out of chicken (suck on that, Gaga). Shirts made out of bubble gum and dresses made out of various roots and vegetables conjure images of wriggling and rolling around uncontrollably in piles of finely sliced eggplant, no?

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