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Drake has his 24-hour champagne diet and K. Thor Jensen has his version.

The FDA recently put the kibosh on Four Loko, the latest alcoholic energy drink craze to buzz through the U.S.A. Four Loko is the equivalent of about four and half beers and three cups of coffee. It quickly rose to the top of the alcoholic energy drink totem pole, going so far as to inspire a rap song, but after many young drinkers had been hospitalized and injured from the abuse of this alleged "Black Out In A Can" the FDA banned Four Loko, from being sold in stores. A frenzy cut loose as booze hounds all over the country rushed to the nearest Quick Stop to purchase the remaining stock of the world's cheapest wasted night (Four Loko are only $2.50 a pop and come in a variety of puke worthy flavors).

34 year-old K. Thor Jenson of Guyism Reports, tried a little science experiment with our beloved Loko. He set out to drink six cans of Four Loko in 24 hours, all on camera. The father of two was not in tip top party shape as the psychotic beverage took a hold of him can by can. In his article he describes the taste of Four Loko as "a bargain basement wine cooler with a touch of cat pee." That's pretty close. Read, watch and laugh at his whole experiment here. If this doesn't make you want to crawl under a rock with embarrassment and never drink again, we don't know what will.

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Photo via: Internet K-Hole

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  1. […] Four Loko was the bigger, stronger, juice head cousin of Sparks and the life of the party. Available at any corner store for only $2.50 and packing enough caffeine, 12% malt liquor, and other disgusting toxins, to keep you awake yet totally unconscious–this little death trap became known as “Black Out In A Can.” Rap songs were made in honor of the drink and a bunch of college kids kicked it due to over consumption. The FDA banned Four Loko about a month ago and people scrambled to the stores to buy up every last can, like the world was ending. […]

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