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We never thought we’d get excited about tarps

FREITAG, those handy Swiss bag makers, have been paying close attention to the roads, and they’ve back-stocked enough strange truck tarp colors to offer up a sustainable and good-looking limited edition of bags. The "On Second Thought" limited edition collection hues range from panic pink, striking silver, brute brown, and absolute anthracite to blunt black. And as of November 22, you can have tactile proof that there are truck drivers cruising around with pink tarps.

FREITAG is a well thought out brand, focused on design and cultivating an intellectually relevant product. The REFERENCE line of messenger bags, totes, wallets and other handy miscellany are truly for all messengers—not strictly the courier kind.

Check out the new FREITAG limited edition collection "On Second Thought" below styled on a sculpture by Swiss artist David Renggli of his mother. Notice the vintage clothing poking through the gold paint.

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