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Mike B, (also known as Thee Mike B) has a story that would make most interns put their pens down and day dream away (although we think most interns probably do this anyways). Mike moved to New York to attend NYU. He started interning for DJ Stretch Armstrong and things started to progress--he dropped out of school to pursue his musical shenanigans (the ones that wear our feet out from dancing) and work at Stretch Armstrong's label. Mike B is a long way from his interning days (we were probably still running around in the sand box) and is now a well known DJ who has played alongside some of our favorite late night marauders, like the late DJ AM, Kid Capri, Mark Ronson and of course Stretch Armstrong.  We caught up with Mike B to find out what he catches when perched at the top of the DJ booth. See what he had to say below.

This Friday (May 14th), we will be helping Mike celebrate his birthday at our weekly play date at Bardot in Hollywood. He'll be playing (yes, he's working on his birthday) alongside one of the best looking chaperons we know, Pase Rock. Follow the HEARTY TWITTER for more information.

Most ridiculous request you've gotten while djing?

"Can you play something better," and my response is usually to completetly ignore them altogether--Or just say yes and get them away from me asap.

Best dance move during your set?

The Kid N Play

Most embarrassing moment you've witnessed djing?

Women fall down a lot when they are drunk

If _____ started djing you'd quit?

It's way too late for that...

Biggest "no no" song for a dj to play?

I dunno, Nickleback would probably be a bad move. But it's all about context.

Bardot Hollywood 1737 V
Vine St. Hollywood, CA

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