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Full Bleed: New York City Skateboard Photography
By Ivory Serra, Andre Razo and Alex Corporan

The people and the landscape--culminated with the lack of skate parks--make skateboarding in New York unique from any other city in the world. (And if you've read our current Boy Meets Girl interview with Ray Mate, you know skating in New York wasn't always the huge sport it is today.) So Ivory Serra, Andre Razo and Alex Corporan decided to capture New York's matchless skate culture for all its glum and glory, in a book.

Bringing together legendary skaters and iconic photographers, this is the first-ever comprehensive overview of the one of the most diverse skate spots in the world. The 250 plus pages of Full Bleed will feature photos that were shot over the past 30 years and contributions from over 40 photographers including Giovanni Reda, Mike O’Meally, and female photographers Angela Boatwright, Jessica Bard, and Elska Sandor. Published by Vice Books, Full Bleed will be released around the end of April.

We caught up with (and then pestered) one of the creators of Full Bleed, Alex Corporan, who has been skating in New York since the mid '80s and was one of the original members of Supreme. We asked him a couple questions about the book including what his favorite picture is, and discussed women in skate culture. We also got a sneak peek at the photos, shot by females, that will be featured in Full Bleed.

Steve Quin by Jessica Bard

Besides the obvious reason that you've been involved in skating in New York for a long time, what instigated the book?

What inspired me to do the book was a question that people always ask me, " Where do you skate in NY?" I always reply "Everywhere in NY!" When I answer that I always get this weird look like I said something wrong. What a lot of people don't understand is NY never really had a proper skate park so the streets of NY is our main skate park.

So I looked into the thought of making a photographic Skatebook of NY because something like that would show my answer to the question. Surprisingly, something like this hasn't been done. So I gather my two partners Ivory Serra and Andre Razo to put the book together. Then once we put one of the many versions together we presented it to Vice magazine/books and they looked at it and said, "Lets do this." Now its ready to go in April , 1st edition hardcover by Vice books.

I have to say were very excited to give props to NY as our huge skatepark, the skaters, the architects for providing the wonderful obstacles and the photographers who captured the insanely wonderful images.

Rookie Girls by Elska Sandor

How do you think these women (Elska and Jessica) managed to make their way in a culture that is so male dominate?

They dominated the culture by hanging out and loving what skateboarding was about, especially back then it was so young so the energy of the skate scene was fresh. Both amazing photographers. Elska who I know more personally came through and went forward in skateboarding by starting a skate company called Rookie skateboards which was operated by women (Elska Sandor and Katherine Lyons) and the team (Jamie Reyes, Jesse Van Rockout and Lauren Mollica) were all women. Both Jessica and Elska just had that raw energy that you can't even lie about it.

Do you have a favorite picture in the book? If so, what is it and why?

All of them are my favorite, but the one that makes me smile is a photo that Mike O'Meally shot of Chris Keeffe skating in Queens. It was around '98 and we all skated for this team called Infamous and that whole day all of us were landing bangers. It was one of those times that the whole team skated together and were having a funtastic time skating all day. The energy was super high.

Do you think skating culture will ever grow to fully accept women, or will it primarily remain a guy fest?

It totally accepts women more than ever now especially with women like Elisa Steamer, Jamie Reyes, Amy Caron, Lauren Perkins etc. rocking the skate world, all it has is more room. It's awesome. Makes the energy in skateboarding even better. These girls make a 15 stair rail trick look like a walk in the park with style and grace.

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  3. […] and female photographers Angela Boatwright, Jessica Bard and Elska Sandor. Read interview here by Alex Corporan, who has been skating in New York since the mid 80’s and was one of the […]

  4. […] and female photographers Angela Boatwright, Jessica Bard and Elska Sandor. Read interview here by Alex Corporan, who has been skating in New York since the mid 80’s and was one of the original […]

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