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Game of Thrones fans yearn no more

Entering its third season at the end of March, the HBO series Game of Thrones has already obtained much critical acclaim and a steady cult following salivating for number three.

For those that have actually read the series (and lamented to bored and uncaring friends how much better the literary version is), the inclusion of two key characters, Jojen and Meera Reed, will satisfy. For those that didn't even know Game of Thrones originated as a book, slightly longer episodes (56-57 minutes versus season two's 52) will keep you hooked on television's adaptation despite your general Game of Thrones ignorance. Let us drop some knowledge--the longer episodes are in part due to the length and popularity of the book, A Storm of Swords, this season is based on.

The trailer, released yesterday, features the feature-length similar cinematography true GAT fans know and appreciate as well as the loathable/lovable legions of characters.

Watch HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer below.


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