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Do you remember your childhood? Probably not as well as you think you do.

Remember climbing trees? Or playing hide and seek with your friends? Or riding your bike for hours and then coming home when the streetlights came on to watch tv before bed? Really, think back really. Sometimes there are gaps, and sometimes we remember things that didn’t happen at all, or forget things that did. All of our memories are fragmented and incomplete. Garrett Pruter‘s very first solo exhibit entitled Mixed Signals explores this idea using found images and altered reality. The 24-year-old, collected photographs from flea markets and thrift stores, then cut them up added in some colorful gaps, scratched out some truths and covered up some things to forget. This exhibit is both sad, funny and makes us think really hard about what truly exists and what is all in our minds.

See Garrett Pruter’s “Mixed Signals” at Charles Bank Gallery in NYC until March 11th. And see more of Garrett Pruter's work below.

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