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Gary Dakin runs the plus-size division of Ford Models. He is also responsible for the wide-spread success of plus-size superstars like Crystal Renn and Tara Lynn. This week, Louis France of The London Times Online, joins Dakin, Lynn and Renn for a photo shoot and interview to uncover the man behind the curves. Dakin talks about his rise into the industry - son of a Massachusetts fireman, Dakin once aspired to model himself - his theories on the change in the fashion industry, health and his relationships with his plus-size girls (Dakin is very close to his girls, he even walked Renn down the isle at her wedding).

“I’m a gay man. I’ve known I was gay since I was 8. I always think of that horrible, horrible joke: ‘God made gay men so heavy girls had someone to dance with at the school prom. It’s the underdog mentality. As a gay man I felt I understood what these girls had been through in the industry."

The article is accompanied by a video which features Lynn and Renn, in one-piece bathing suits, posing behind a smiling Dakin as he sits like a king in his throne. “A lot of people in the industry didn’t like these kinds of images,” Dakin tells Louise France. “A lot. They said the girls looked cataloguey, or fat. This is bullshit. These girls look amazing.”

Read the full piece here.

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