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Getting the show ready.

Back for their 3rd annual, female urban arts exhibition, YOUNITY presents FRESHER! Today marks the opening of this year’s eco-inspired street art show, combining graffiti, photography, jewelry design, and fashion to showcase women artists communicating that we only have 1 earth. Prepare to walk through a bi-level eco-funhouse!

After answering a call for submissions a few months back, artists like Alice Mizrachi, Lady Pink, Martha Cooper, SHIRO, Aiko, Sophia Maldonado, Diana McClure, and others are ready to share their messages on eco-consciousness. Throughout the duration of the FRESHER! exhibit there will be different youth workshops showing the importance of environmental awareness as well. The show is not only an opportunity to see creative ways of reusing, but it also gives YOUNITY, a women’s art collective, a place to shine and mentor the next generation of artists on the process of creating an art exhibit. The artists and YOUNITY have contributed their own resources for something they believe in--a great example of what can be done when you choose to follow your passion and make an impact.

Noted artists and YOUNITY founders Alice Mizrachi and TOOFLY are hustling to make sure the opening goes off without a hitch, but took some time to reflect on their inspiration for this year’s showcase. These two talents give you the real scoop behind FRESHER!

What is the goal of the upcoming FRESHER! show?

The goal for the FRESHER! show is to bring consciousness to the masses through art. We will show how we as artists respond to current and ongoing environmental issues. We wanted to share our ideas and feelings with the public and we felt FRESHER! was the best forum for that.

What brought on the idea to make this year’s show theme: "recycle & create art for the earth?”

Every year we brainstorm ideas that are relevant to current events. Last year when we came up with the idea, we thought it was an important issue for artists to focus on. We wanted a voice to our concerns.

What do you wish everybody knew about this show?

That artists also have voices on these important environmental and even social issues that we are dealing with today. We hope to spread a message that will inspire change and inspiration for the future while planting a conscious seed of awareness. Our earth is important to us and really, we are all connected here.

What do you want people to walk away with after the show?

We want them to feel inspired and able to spread that inspiration to others. Specifically, we hope to inspire others to be active in their community and speak out about some of these issues affecting us and the next generation. We owe it to the planet and those following behind us to be responsible, aware and unified. What's a better message to walk away with than that?

The art from FRESHER! will be displayed at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center located at 107 Suffolk Street (the Lower East Side section of NYC) and open to the public from October 3-24, 2009. Pieces from the show are also available for sale.

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