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Getting Bumby'd!

Performance art meets party entertainment. The Bumby's, two fashion judges who require pseudonymity wearing wigs, scarves and glasses to hide their identities, give "appearance assesments," fair and honest assessments of how your appearance is perceived. Getting their start near the Bedford Ave. stop in Williamsburg, The Bumby's are now performing, or should we say, judging, everywhere from Art Basel to the GQ Superbowl party. “I decided it was the most genius party diversion ever,” Miranda Morrison of Siegerson Morrison, told the New York Times after she was Bumby'd at the Brooklyn Public Library Benefit. “It’s like a lazy, social person’s equivalent to a fair ride: There’s a grain of fear (will they think I’m stylish?), a dash of entertainment (the comments are often very perceptive and funny), and there’s a communal experience (‘Ooh, what did they say about you?’). It’s a lovely intersection of fashion, art, and low-impact party-going.” But not to worry, they've only given a score below 8 once. Mr Bumby told the New York Times, “I don’t ever want this to be a mean, hurtful thing. I’m not interested in tearing someone down. Where’s the art in that?”

Found at: The New York Times

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