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A cross between an animated gif and a painted wall

The more we learn about technology, the more we learn about art. As we develop one, we progress the other. Artist/designer, INSA, has applied this concept to graffiti. Integrating the art form with the digital age, the result is GIF-ITI.

INSA begins with nothing but paint and a blank building. He lays down his image by hand, then layers, layers, and layers, all the while capturing each overlay in single photographs. Next, he uploads and manipulates the photos in his studio. What was just a huge outdoor canvas is now a 600 pixel wide animated gif.

Gif-iti allows the artist to control their final product, which is a leap for the graffiti community as traditional street art is subject to detrimental conditions such as weather, buffing, and even, ironically, vandalism. With the internet as its platform for viewing, this medium communicates the artist's untainted vision and can reach anyone, anywhere. You won't have make a trip to the Louvre to see this!

Check out INSA's GIF-ITI below.

Found via: Dazed

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