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Since it’s premiere this past month at SXSW, Gimme the Loot, which explores the world of New York street art through the eyes of two teenagers, has been receiving praise, taking home the Narrative Feature Grand Jury Prize. Buzz surrounding the film even caught the attention of Sundance Selects who recently picked the feature up for distribution. Writer/Director Adam Leon, who has been on the film communities radar since his short film Killer was warmly received at the MoMa New Directors/New Films festival, says Gimme the Loot is influenced by New York directors such as Woody Allen and Sidney Lumet as well as Michael Angel’s film Little Fugitive but in the end it all comes back to Larry Clark. This isn’t surprising considering Gimme the Loot is being compared to Clark’s gritty depiction of New York’s teens in his cult 90’s film KIDS.

While there may be some similarities to KIDS, Gimme the Loot stays away from the overdone boy and girl secretly love each other and end up screwing and instead focuses on the friendship of Malcolm (Tysheeb Hickson) and Sofia (Tashiana R. Washington). The film takes on an adventure type structure as Malcolm and Sofia plot to get enough money to pull off a tag of Shea Stadium and give a rival gang the big “fuck you” after painting over one of their pieces.

Gimme the Loot's next screening will be at SFF April 14 and April 16. Watch the trailer for Adam Leon's Gimme the Loot Below.

Gimme the Loot teaser trailer

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