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Drink in the Girls season 2. It's recap time.

Between the Golden Globes and the season premiere of Girls, it was Lena on Lena last night and the girl killed it. It must be tiring to do no wrong. Whenever I see her naked, as Hannah on the show, I get excited for the future. What other woman does that? Her dishwater-coloured underwear holds all my hopes and dreams.

Jumping right in, the first episode of season two opened with Hannah and gay ex-boyfriend Elijah spooning in her bed. She suggests keeping their one mattress arrangement and turning the second bedroom into a home gym then Elijah apologizes for his boner. It's only a few seconds into the episode and everyone with a brain watching is like, "Yep. Killing it."

From start to finish, the episode is tightly written and expertly structured. Some might feel that the pacing was too quick (uh, sup Donald Glover?), but that's what makes the writing good. Bad writing would have shown Hannah meeting this new dude and him asking her out and on and on like an episode of Friends. With Girls, we're thrown into the mix and it requires a little bit of faith that episodes down the line will sort things out. Don't worry guys, it's going to be ok.

More of the Girls premiere episode below.

The same can not be said for Marnie. She gets fired at the beginning of this episode, has lunch with her mother (Rita Wilson!) and gets coital with Elijah at the end. Worst day ever. If you find yourself consciously fucking a guy whom you know to be gay, shit's getting dark in your world. The best way to get over awful sex with Charlie is obviously flaccid genital banging with your Sarah McLachlan karaoke duet partner. Come on, Marnie. Get your shit together.

The exchange between Marnie and Elijah did, however, beget this incredible line: "People are so predjudice against bisexuals. It's like the only group of people you can still make fun of. Bisexuals and Germans. I happen to be both." We're all both, Elijah. We're all both.

This is going to be a long season of Marnie stumbling around herself but there is a silver lining in her conversation with Charlie. She still knows he's boring and not the right guy for her. Maybe she'll be the one who helps him stop being a total asshole.

Yeah, Charlie's an asshole. That's right. I already said this in another post about Girls in season 1. He's selfishly being nice, which is different from actually being nice. He thinks it's nice to stand at the door and wait for his girlfriend to finish peeing but it's clearly not what she wanted and she expressed it clearly.

It would be embarrassing to me if my boyfriend thought I was incapable of going to the bathroom alone. It would be even more embarrassing if he didn't respect how I felt about it and did it anyway. This kind of "niceness" is what causes learned helplessness. I really hope we see more of Charlie this season. Grow you handsome man, grow.

Adam is a hot mess but, whatever, he got rejected and hit by a van so he gets a pass for now. The set designer did a great job of juxtaposing Hannah and Elijah's apartment with Adam's dark cave. When we see Glover's apartment at the end of the episode, it explains more about his personality than we've been privy to so far. Clean-collegiate-bike-hanging-from-a-hook guy or keeps-everything-on-the-ground- guy? It's easy to see why Hannah, at this point, is more attracted to the former.

Adam may not have the girl anymore, but at least he has a pot to piss in (felt obligated to write that as soon as he pissed in a pot). This is going to be a long, dark season for Adam. We're not sure he deserves it, but after slipping into emotionally abusive behavior with Hannah (new rule: anyone who threatens to kill themselves if dumped should be executed), he needs some time alone. Based on the season 2 trailers, alone time turns into stalk time.

Shoshanna is still an angel from heaven with a keen mathematical mind and fairly fast growing hair. She shows up first to Hannah and Elijah's party, delivers an unbelievable monologue that includes the famous "deflower but not devalued" line, sings karaoke by herself and makes out with Ray in a sweet beer rain. I love her--but let's talk about Ray for a second.

I have no problem with Ray. I feel like he's got that Adam-in-season-1 thing where he is what he is and isn't making excuses for it. My pal Marlon, disagrees. He says we're all suppose to hate Ray and, "He's a douche to the nth degree. A know-it-all who knows nothing. He just reminds me of everyone at a Jewish camp. And I don't think Ray is an honest person because he did karaoke to 'House of the Rising Sun.' The worst kind of people in the world are those who say there isn't any good music anymore."


There wasn't very much Jessa in this episode but it's worth noting that she was rocking a mean Kate Brown. Can't wait until next episode! Thanks for reading this recap!

-Jess Bloom

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  1. Kiara says:

    I like Ray. His might redeem himself yet – and until then, his douchery is sort of endearing. He’s the intellectual girl’s kryptonite.

  2. Kiara says:

    *he – I drank a whole bottle of wine with all of the tv excitement tonight

  3. Kate Kate Brown says:

    : )

  4. Mish mish says:

    Ray is cool.

    Can we talk about Jessa’s husband?


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  6. Dana says:

    I like Jessa’s husband

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