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Snort a line and switch your shirt with a stranger, it's Girls recap time

It's great when Girls gets goofy. When Hannah goes nips out in a yellow mesh tank top, hopped up on drugs and tells Marnie that "maybe I don't care about being polite because it's a Wednesday night, baby, and I'm alive," punctuated with a chest pound. When Elijah shares his aspiration to raise show dogs. When Marnie describes a creepy doll as dirty talk. When Jessa tells some irrelevant story about "one of Tom Petty's heartbreakers." When Shoshanna says, "Ray."

It's Apatow's slapstick sensibilities colliding with Dunham's dry wit in a magical way. Although the characters of Girls take themselves incredibly seriously, no one else does.



Going beyond the realm of Girls, this episode makes fun of New York's 20-something freelance writers who exploit their hot mess lives for pageviews. This isn't about New York anymore. This is about New York as it exists on the Internet. This is about unique visitors all over the world who picked up the not-so-subtle nod to Jane Pratt, and Cat Marnell when Hannah interviews at It's online subculture as pop culture. It places Girls in a very specific time period: the era of pageviews.

At her editor's request, Hannah decides to do a whole bunch of coke and write about it because she feels iffy about a threesome with strangers off Craigslist. A quick stop at Jessa and Shoshanna's bootleg stoop vintage store, a pop-in at sketchy ex-junkie Laird's pomegranate juice palace and Hannah starts railing lines with Elijah before dinnertime.
Sidebar: what could Laird possibly do for a living? That pomegranate juice is expensive. Is "cocaine guardian angel" a paying gig?

Hannah's coke adventure  power clash outfit, inspired by a girl Elijah went to middle school with who "fucked both her uncle and her step-dad," would be a stellar Halloween costume. The way Hannah wears clothes with reckless abandon is truly amazing.

Even more amazing is Lena Dunham's ability to throw herself into Hannah's character. She's not afraid of Hannah's ugly side whether that means looking like a hot mess in the soap aisle of Metro Drugs or acting like a self-absorbed asshole when Elijah confesses to his "couple of pumps" with Marnie.
It's always been a selling point of Girls that Dunham explores the negative personality traits of her characters. Is it possible that the audience's appreciation for Dunham blinds us from outrightly hating Hannah?


At this point, is Hannah likeable at all? Every action in this episode is steeped with selfish intentions, reactions and explosions. The conversation between Hannah and Elijah in the drugstore is uncomfortable because Elijah is right. It's his sexuality and his relationship with Marnie, but it's as if we're suppose to suffer from the same brand of tunnel vision that makes Hannah so upset.
During that scene, it occurred to me that I'm able to stand Hannah because I like Lena so much. Her real life presence on social media outlets, at award shows, in press interviews, saves Hannah from being completely vile. It's meta characterization.

Let's shift over to Marnie because we've been patiently waiting for an end bracket to Booth's "because I'm a man, and I know how to do things," line. Turns out, the artist's bedroom game consists of locking Marnie in a video chamber of babies crying and animals eating each other then reverse starfishing her while she stares at a sad-faced doll.
Congratulations, episode co-writers Dunham and Sarah Heyward, that scene is amazing. It's a rite of passage to have terrible sex with that-guy-in-that-band or that-guy-who-owns-that-place or that-guy-who-plays-for-that-team or that-artist-who-sells-bloody-dollhouses-for-thousands-of-dollars. Sexual tension does not equal good sex, nor does celebrity. It's an important lesson for us all.

That being said, we don't know for sure that this was terrible sex for Marnie. At the end of the episode, she still seems under Booth's spell. Booth & Marnie Forever? Probably not but I find Booth so hilarious that I'd like a few more scenes.

Speaking of a few more scenes, what's with Shoshanna and Jessa? They have both been heavily neglected in season 2 and it continues in this episode. Girls has turned into Hannah and I'm not about it.
Thoughts? Feelings? Coke rant? Lemme know.
Oh and here's the mix AndrewAndrew made for Girls:

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-Jess Bloom

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