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hearty magazine | GIRLS: SEASON 2, EPISODE 6


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Boys, boys, boys
Foreshadowed by this season two featurette, the "Boys" episode of Girls cozied up to Ray, Adam and Booth. Where was Elijah? Where was Charlie? Although they're interesting characters, they no longer effect any of the Girls girls. Even an episode about boys, titled "Boys," is about our girls when the dust settles.

Confessed lovers, Ray and Shoshanna, continue their tension narrative of ambition and anxiety. We already know the ending and so do they. In the subway station, Ray gave it away when he said, "I'm a huge fucking loser...Don't you think I was counting down the days until you figure it out?" When Shoshanna tells Ray about an entrepreneurship course with Donald Trump, it's obvious that she still hasn't figured it out. It's becoming more and more possible that Shoshanna loves the idea of Ray more than actual Ray.
We see this phenomenon play out in Marnie and Booth's wine cellar scene. After discovering that Booth's more of a boss than a boyfriend, she praises his art and laments the loss of his lifestyle. Booth notices that she doesn't say much about him as a person and calls her out. "Do you think you enjoy hanging out with me or my work more?" he asks.


It adds a little more meat to Booth's character but ultimately, he's still a caricature of a narcissistic, depressive artist. I doubt we're going to see much more of Booth. He's served his purpose in Marnie's life. Charlie treated her like the greatest person on Earth, but Booth showed her that she's not. She's silly and vapid and mean. It's strange to think of the assholes in your life  as valuable people who've shown you the worst sides of yourself.

Without appearing in many scenes together, this episode forged a link between Marnie and Shoshanna. Both characters are naive about the men they're dating and delusional about their own motives for choosing those men. This link is paralleled by Adam and Ray's Staten Island adventure.


Unlike the girls, these boys have a lot in common. Ray proclaims them to both be "honest men" and Adam suggests that they're "both kind of weird looking." The fast friends break apart quickly, however, when they put each other's relationships on blast. It's interesting to see that a trope of masculinity, i.e. fighting for your woman, is what keeps these guys from being buddies.

Marnie and Hannah fail at friendship in a much quieter manner. The phone call of pregnant silences is a heartbreaking scene. With Hannah at home, struggling to write, and Marnie in the subway, half-undressed, it's a classic piece of dramatic irony.

The former roommates and best friends are at low points, but no one is climbing into anyone's bathtub. In order to comfort each other, they'd have to reveal that something's the matter. It's a bad moment for friendship when your dignity prompts you to lie to a friend.

Why does Marnie have to continue her art world fantasy for Hannah? Why does Hannah have to keep up the appearance of literary success? Does this scene prove that they still care about each other, or does it show a point of no return? Before this, fights between Marnie and Hannah were explosions of honesty. It was messy but it was real. Those are the people you keep close. The ones you lie to about how fabulous your life is? Those bitches are a dime a dozen.
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--Jess Bloom

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