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Season 2 of Girls premieres on Sunday, but we probably didn't have to tell you that

We've missed you, Lena. The rest of the cast too, but mostly Lena. There's been some stellar interviews and modelling gigs since season one ended but nothing competes with the real thing. Yes, this Sunday, the long-awaited season two premiere of HBO's Girls finally airs creating a Sophie's Choice TV-watching dilemma between Lena Dunham and the Golden Globe Awards hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Likely the target demographic for Girls doesn't have HBO anyway, right? If you're Natasha Lyonne or Zoe Kravitz (or Steve Buscemi), however, you already saw the first episode in New York on Wednesday. Whether you've got them fancy channels or scour the web for janky streaming links, we thought we'd help you out with recap-forecast combo for each character.

Using our detective skills (i.e. watching season two trailers over and over again) and real life experience (or someone else's real life experience who was a cousin of your friend's boyfriend), we take a stab at Jessa's marriage, Shoshanna's newfound sex life, Marnie's quarter-life crisis and Hannah's writing career.

Click here to read our forecast for the girls of Girls in Season 2.

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