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Giséle Ganne's jewelry is unabashedly morbid. Her collection titles, like The Black Widow, Divorce Jewelry and Mourning Jewelry, allude to this but the meaning behind her beautiful and intricate collections give them their own life. Her Mourning Jewelry collection pays homage to mourning jewelry worn in the Victorian era, the Divorce Jewelry collection speaks to high divorce rates. Giséle Ganne's jewelry takes an interesting look at society past and present, traditions and truths, customs and (inevitable) realities.

See more from the Giséle Ganne's jewelry collections below.

Divorce Jewelry

Mourning Jewelry

The Black Widow

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  1. jess bloom says:

    i’m digging those little soldiers. and the term “divorce jewelry” in general.

  2. Hana May Hana says:

    yah, this stuff is great! p.s. nice (new) pic!

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