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A preview of what's to come from Gitman Sisters by Gitman Brothers for fall/winter 2012 shot at capsule

A couple seasons ago Gitman Bros.--longtime proprietors of some of the best men's oxford shirts around--finally figured out who else was scooping up their shirts: women. So they made themselves a female counterpart, Gitman Sisters. We loved the men's shirts for their unique Japanese deadstock textiles and quality and now we get our own.

This fall/winter 2012 season, there are a few silhouettes up for grabs including a blouse, a shirt dress, and the good old classic oxford style. And just for us "sisters," Gitman opted for some simple florals and brightly colored flannels.

Check out the new prints and shapes from Gitman Sisters by Gitman Bros for Fall/Winter 2012 below.

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