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Since Gloria Noto started her the Work Magazine, she has been putting in just that.

There are those people you meet and instantly are interested in them--and everything they do. Gloria Noto, Editor-in-Chief of the Work Magazine, is one of those people. the Work Magazine is "a conceptual art fashion and design piece of humanity in your hand," Gloria says. "I started it a bit over a year ago because I wanted to be a part of something and to bring artists together."

In a time when traditional print is drowning, starting a print magazine is an interesting move. Luckily, Gloria--who also works as a makeup artist--knows a thing or two about aesthetics, and the Work Magazine is a testament to that. But Gloria wanted to something different, and in these times that meant print. "The world of magazines is changing, and to be honest, a lot of content out there is re-circulated based on what's hot now. I wanted to shed light on things that interested me, and in return hopefully interest others."

Coming down for tradeshow season, we caught up with Gloria to talk to her about her 'hood, the worst part about working in fashion, how she can't stop following trends and all the various songs that makeup the soundtrack to her life right now. Check out our interview with Gloria Noto, Editor-in-Chief of the Work Magazine below.

Where do you live?

I live in Silverlake, Los Angeles, but am a Makeup artist as well so I make frequent trips to NYC too.

Describe your neighborhood for us:

My neighborhood is pretty awesome.  It has a great sense of community and is walkable, unlike most places in LA.

What does your day-to-day look like?

My days are always random.  Like I mentioned, I am also a makeup artist with the Jed Root Agency.  Some weeks I am super busy and some are slower, but I am a work-a-holic, so I have to constantly be busy. A basic day consists of me waking up to coffee, taking Frank my furry stepson for a walk, getting on the computer and taking meetings with artists for the magazine, maybe a shower, maybe some food, and a run, then something to wind down. Or a photoshoot. I am pretty much a homebody.

What's the best part about working in fashion?

The best thing about working in the fashion industry is that I am constantly surrounded by artists. That's pretty killer as a creative person.  I can't imagine not having that luxury.

What's the worst part about working in fashion?

The worse thing about it is, sometimes people take it very seriously. You have to remind yourself that you aren't saving the world and to have fun with it.

Trends you're feeling right now:

I love a couple different trends at the moment--always a grunge, occult, 90's child and a put together yet effortless tailored Men's wear look. There is a brand I am obsessed with called Field-Scout.

Trends you don't see yourself ever giving up:

I will never give up my inability to really Follow a Trend I think. I try to never really do what's in the now, and just do whatever it is I feel like doing.  I may look silly or off but ah well!

Song that represents the soundtrack to your life right now?

Oh man, there are few songs in my life right now:

Adored by Stone Roses
When Your Love is Safe by Active Child
Shelter by The Rolling Stones
I could go on and on.

Anything else?

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